Things I can’t do for you

I don’t have plots to tease you

I have thoughts to please you

I don’t have cars to show you

But scars of how I’ve fought for you.

I can’t climb the highest mountain.

You know I’m scared of heights

But I’ll dive deep to get you those pearls.

Just so you to see your twin.

I can’t catch you when you fall

Because I’ll be flying with you

Can’t be your shadow either.

I’m there in the dark moments.

Being honest, I won’t give you my heart.

Rest your head and hear the beat resonate your name.



Word from the broken

Sometimes, no matter how nice you are, how kind you are, how caring you are, how loving you are, it just isn’t enough for some people.

Life is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions, but when life gets you down, just be strong about it and keep your head up high.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Your mind is a magnet, if you think of blessings, you attract blessings, and if you think of problems, you attract problems.

Always cultivate good thoughts and always remain positive and optimistic. Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a Choice.

We all go through things that are not fair: people do us wrong, we didn’t get the promotion, we came down with an illness. You can’t stop life from happening to you, but you can choose how you respond.

If you hold on to the hurt, you go around dwelling on the offense, thinking, “Why did they say that about me? Why did I lose that loved one? Why did my friend walk away?” Then, you’re opening the door to bitterness.

When you’re bitter, it affects every area of your life. Bitterness poisons your attitude to where you see things in a negative light, you can’t enjoy life, there’s always something wrong.

You can’t stop life from happening to you, BUT YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND.


Nothing really

Sometimes my thoughts wonder

My thought ponder about you

About your very being, and modus operandi

I am amazed most times

About how far we have probably come

Our paths crossed and have refused to part

You are my friend and if I can’t make you better

Then I’m no friend indeed

I have cared about me. Selfish have I been.

But I wonder what is a me without you in it

Yes. You. An integral part of me

Influencing my very decision.

I have always been fond of you

From afar, I miss our shared moments

But when close sometimes I just want to leave

I have wondered if these are human or inhumane

What you think of me, influences me

Want to be that reason for that smile

Want to be the reason you frown

Yes. A friend who bores you and pleases simultaneously.

Trust the truth I write.

Written from the pure inner man in me

You are my friend. I listen to you.

I just don’t always heed to it.

I’m a man. Governed by ego. Humbled by faith.

Will you understand. Will you believe.

That my fondness about you resound

But if only you listened. You heeded. To these words of true emotions.

Listen. Listen. To the grains of love I plant.

For someday, an immeasurable field of yields it becomes.

about her…


She prays

She cares

She smiles

She drowns my pain in a while


She loves

She puts me above

She is dove

She flies in all places carrying my love


She knows

She’s close

She heals my heart wounds

She’s my heart daily dose


She shines

She bright and blinds

She is one of a kind

She is kind


She cries

She wails

She is mama

She really is when I am in trauma


She’s dark

She’s lovely

She harks

She’s duly


She is sweet

She’s cinnamon

She is meek

She’s rare, uncommon


She is you

You are she

She is roses with dew

You are sleek as She


You, you again

You, my pain

My pain when you are out of sight.

the departure

gray airliner
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The wind blows the grey

My grey fades away

A wonder of a pleasant night

Watching from the twilight

O’er and o’er I just ponder.

My heart, a mockery of squander.

No worth, a pinch of my anger

Much worth, a bit of her laughter

Her smile, the embryo of hope

In her arms, this world I cope

Laughter of hers echoes my mind

Like light seeping just through

Through the corners of my darkened heart

Leaving the tissues fall apart

Wish she never had to depart.

In all nature

Cold, dark, yet full with life are the depths of the ocean.

Organisms to blue whales live just beneath these seas

Carried on the wings of winds, the waves toss and lift high

Zillions of white sand to the fine of clay and mud

Fragments of rock, solid and strong, mixed with precious minerals are the firmament upon which we stand.

Dirt of roots, heights of stems and the wavy glide of leaves

The fragrance and colorful display of flowers cover fields watered by streams flowing through mountains.

The beauty of beasts, birds, and all considered living, all human and otherwise.

Source of all energy, the moon and companion of stars at night

The soft touch of air, after the rushing winds with clouds, thunders with light and rain with bows.

All in nature shout the beauty in the eyes of the Creator of all creation.

That in all nature, He is GOD ALMIGHTY.


Desires may fade with time, but true emotions linger on.

Engaging every moment are the sensations your name brings.

Bringing mighty to their knees for a taste of thy thoughts.

Oracles may call forth the love of the fathers,

Raging as the waves of the oceans, the purity of you heart rushes in

Alleviating the pain from hateful torment and filling with divine.

Daunting are the dares your lips may pose as this

Accounting for the ticking moments of time, one waits for a single kiss

Valuable as precious stones, every time shared with bliss

Identifying the weakness, redefining with strength

Embracing warm from your arms, your smile melts the arctic.

Save the world dear fairy, sprinkling your love to blossom the vine as mine.